Adrenaline can sometimes get the best of us, forcing us to do things that may be highly detrimental to our health.

Daredevils and stuntmen live for the adrenaline rush, but the stunts they perform don’t always end with a perfect landing. In this installment from Top10Archive, we are going to visit some of the most death defying stunts that, well, either didn’t defy death or came very close to a brutal end.

As a warning, the images and/or videos you are about to see may not be suitable for all audiences.

10. Kyle Lee Stocking Pendulum Stunt
9. Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show Death
8. Kenny Powers Backbreaking Leap
7. Pavel Kashin’s Final Jump
6. Ken Carter Rocket Car Jump
5. Gary Wells’ Las Vegas Leap
4. Samuel Koch on “Wetten, Dass?”
3. Jane Wicker’s Wing Walking
2. Evel Knieval Snake River Canyon Jump
1. Charles Stephens Ill-Fated Niagara Falls Barrel Ride


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