When it comes to your wedding day, everyone wants this day to be special and one that they will remember forever.

Well these photos are extremely awkward and honestly nobody will forget these, but they are probably not what the person wanted to have from their wedding day.

1. “I’m Free!!!!”

2. This new bride didn’t leave much for the imagination.

3. This traditional part of the wedding is normally harmless, but when you are in some weird, super public place, it can get awkward quickly.

4. The first and only thing that comes to my mind is….Russian.

5. Taking wedding photos on top of a windy bridge probably wasn’t the best idea… not that we’re complaining.

6. Classic awkward wedding moment, making for a classic perfectly timed photo.

7. Well this must have been a wild night.

8. Now the question is, what the hell is going on here?!

9. This must a Russian tradition if some kind.


11. Any wedding with kegs is a good wedding in my book.

12. This bride is not your normal bride

13. Doesn’t know who to focus on at a wedding.

14. You can do this kind of thing every other day of your life. Not your wedding day.

15. This Bridesmaid is having too much fun in the bride and groom’s photo shoot.

16. Being a bride is hard work.

17. Something tells us this father does not approve.

18. Did I mention he is in a man thong?

19. Hopefully they waited for the cameraman to leave before taking it all off and getting at it.

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